Easy creamy peanutbutter fudge

This is the easiest peanutbutter fudge I have ever made!

First I line a square cake pan with crushed peanuts.  This allows easier removal of the fudge.

1 C creamy peanut butter * 1/3 C real butter * 1 box powdered sugar.

over low heat melt peanutbutter and butter.  stir in the powdered sugar and spread in caked pan. Thats it!! let it cool, best not to refrigerate, it will get hard and you will have trouble cutting it while its cold.  But at room temperature, it is perfect and creamy!!


2 responses to “Easy creamy peanutbutter fudge

  1. Looks incredible. I shall be making fudge of my own next weekend 😀


    • Thank you for your kind comment! If you try this recipe you won’t be disappointed. It melts in your mouth. It is so simple to make!


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