Old Fashioned Biscuts and Gravy

Ok so maybe not just like gramma used to make.  I cheat and buy the Bob Evans Frozen Biscuts.  Or something similar. Just bake according to package directions.    But the gravy is homemade.  Here’s how….

1 lb roll sausage.  Cook it over med/high heat til thoroughly browned, add about 1/3 tsp freshly cracked black pepper.  If the sausage is very lean, you will need to add some fat.  You can use butter, olive oil, shortening, anything you want, just so it is fat. You want no more than  a few tbs  of  added fat.   Then add about 3-4 tbs flour,  keep cooking and stirring til flour is lightly browned, reduce heat to med.  Then add about 2 cups water, constantly stirring.  When mixed with flour, add about 3 cups of whole milk.  reduce heat and simmer.  stir often.  once thickened, if too thick add more milk, if not thick enough continue to cook til it is.  Spoon over biscuts.


One response to “Old Fashioned Biscuts and Gravy

  1. Greetings my friend, i love the idea of your blog, the recipies make we want to go back to USA……Anyway While I’m here is Wales I can use them.


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