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Snickers cake


This cake is much easier than it looks. You can take any flavor cake mix and combine it with any frosting of your choice, add an interesting filling and top it with your favorite candy pieces.  This one is obviously, snickers candy bars.  I use the small snack sized squares and cut them in half.  I prefer dark chocolate fudge cake mix.  Take two boxes, mix according to the directions on the box. Bake two of them in two 9 x 2 round pan. Cool completely before adding frosting or filling.  I make the filling for this cake. 1/2 a 12 oz jar of  Peanutbutter (crunchy or smooth, your preference) and 1 can of buttercream frosting. Mix with mixer and spread over bottom layer, using all, it will be thick.  Place top layer on the filling and frost with two cans of Milk chocolate frosting.  I decorate the top with the snickers, cut in half and then drizzle carmel and hot fudge topping over it all. (this is just ice cream topping).  In this picture there are white puffs on the top, those are a white fluffy frosting (Betty Crockers fluffy frosting mix) but not necessary unless you want to add this.

Like I said, you can do this with just about any candy.  I made one for a friend, who loves almond joy.  The filling was vanilla frosting, a couple of drops of coconut flavoring, mixed thoroughly with a mixer, and of course, half a bag of shredded coconut.  I topped it with almond joy candy bars and chocolate covered almonds.  a sprinkling of coconut on the sides made it look delectable!


Homemade Creamy Potato Soup


Homemade Potato Soup! nothing better on a cold wintery day! Easy to make and yummy to the tummy!
5 large potatoes peeled and diced. 1 pkg instant onion soup mix. place both ingredients in large pot add enough water to cover potatoes and boil. while potatoes are boiling, in a small mixing bowl add 2 cups of regular flour. make a “well” in center and add two whole eggs slightly beaten. mix with fork. mixture should be fairly dry and crumbly. should not hold together…..these are the rivels …when potatoes are fork tender but not mushy, add about 2 cups of diced ham, more or less to your preference, then add the dry ingredients and boil at full boil for about 3 minutes, til the rivels are done, they will be cooked through and not mushy. If the mixture in the pot thickens too quickly, and is in risk of burning, add more water. Just enough to keep it a soup consistancy. when cooked, remove from heat and add enough milk to make the desired consistancy. I normally add about 4-5 cups or more. depending on how thick the soup is and how thin I want the soup to be. you will know as you stir the milk in.
once you make this and see how easy it is, and how good it is, you will see this is a “keeper”!Image