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Economical ideas for special times

Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Romantic Dinners for what ever the reason…

These days, with money as tight as it is for most of us, using the imagination is a wonderful way to create the special feeling we want for those special times.    Look around your house at what you already have.  Think of what your loved ones favorites are, and begin to create!  An old lace sheet that you most likely planned on throwing away, can be a tablecloth for a romantic candle light dinner.  Your table can be an end table or coffee table.  Your seating can be various sized pillows.  That old fluffy rug, that is still soft, can be used for seating under the pillows……… get the idea?  Look through your plastic or silk flowers that you don’t use anymore.  Roses that have faded a bit?  spray a little glitter and lay one or two  on your table.

The food is really the least of your concern.  Creating the romantic atmosphere is much more important.  You can make a romantic dinner out of hamburgers and fries with the right setting.  So look around and see if you have anything you can create with.  I bet you do!

Remember, don’t look at something and think, an old sheet, nope won’t work on my bed…… think out of the box.  What can I use this sheet for? What will it dress up? A window? A table? Draping over a bed? Add a string of christmas lights and wow!  What dishes do you have that you never use.  Maybe mismatched pieces that you can combine together for just the two of you.   Set the table and then look around and see what you can decorate with.  the red rose with a little glitter? The lace sheet that is now a table cloth?  An oil lamp as a center piece? or how about a picture of the two of you from your honeymoon, as the center piece? with a candle next to it?  Let your imagination go wild!  Its fun and best of all, you are using what you already have!

So if you think you can’t create romance because you don’t have much money right now, think again.  Romance comes from the heart, not the wallet.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be romantic.