Easy crockpot pot roast


So easy and ready when you come home from work!  

The size roast you need depends on how many you are feeding.  For me,  I love left-overs, so I usually get 2 lbs or more.  I normally add potatoes and carrots, again the amount will depend on how many people you are serving.  One potato for each person is a good rule of thumb.  I quarter the potatoes but you can do what ever you want.  I also like to use the little red potatoes for variety, but any will work.   I use 3-4 per person, of those and I leave them whole.  This picture shows mashed potatoes but for a quick and easy dinner, just cook the potatoes with the roast.  For carrots, I use the little fingerling type, sometimes called baby carrots. If you are adding frozen green beans, do so about 1/2 an hour before serving or they will be over cooked.  This meal can be dressed up with pearl onions, different types of potatoes, and your favorite veggies can be used.  Hope you enjoy!

you will need

1 beef pot roast (chuck works great) *  several potatoes *  1/2 lb bag of baby carrots  * 1 pkg dry beefy onion soup mix

Place roast in bottom of crock pot and sprinkle dry soup mix over it.  Pour enough water over to cover roast and add potatoes and carrots, making sure they are covered also.  Cook on warm all day (or several hours).  The roast will be tender and fall apart when done.  Suggestion,  Use the left overs for beef and noodles!!


One response to “Easy crockpot pot roast

  1. There is nothing better than a one-pot meal. I did a fantastic lamb one not long ago. It is my favourite type of cooking.


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