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Breakfast Burrito

                                                                     A favorite with my family.

1 pkg of 8 burrito wraps.  I use white flour ones.  1 lb roll sausage, your favorite kind.  10 large eggs, scrambled. 1/2 a green pepper chopped, and 1/2 a large sweet red pepper chopped and 1/2 large chopped sweet onion, saute all 3 in butter (about 4-5 tbs. )  til tender.  1 8 oz. bag shredded mexican cheese. not the one with the spices but the one with the four  different cheeses. Salsa.  Of course homemade is best but if you don’t have homemade, then get your favorite.  You notice there is no heat in this.  You can use spices when you make the sausage, I never do though.  Or You can use hot pepper cheese.   And You can use the salsa to spice it up.  And of course you can always put hot peppers in with the green and red sweet peppers.  I keep mine fairly mild and let each person spice it up with an offering of mild, to not so mild salsas.

I heat the wrap one at a time, in a heated skillet with a little melted butter.  As it heats I put a generous amount of shredded cheese on to melt.  This only takes less than a min. to heat up the burrito shell.  You don’t want it cooked.  Don’t worry if the cheese isn’t melted, the heat from the meat will take care of that.  Now take the shell from the pan and place it on a plate.  Take  about 1/4 cup cooked  sausage, still hot from the pan, and place it in the middle, spreading it out lengthwise.  then do the same with the green and  red peppers and onions.  add more cheese and begin at the bottom.  The bottom is the part nearest you.   Fold about 1/3 of it  over the top and then take one of the sides and fold it over then the other side, folding it over the top. Garnish with some sour cream and salsa, sprinkle a little more cheese on top.


Old Fashioned Biscuts and Gravy

Ok so maybe not just like gramma used to make.  I cheat and buy the Bob Evans Frozen Biscuts.  Or something similar. Just bake according to package directions.    But the gravy is homemade.  Here’s how….

1 lb roll sausage.  Cook it over med/high heat til thoroughly browned, add about 1/3 tsp freshly cracked black pepper.  If the sausage is very lean, you will need to add some fat.  You can use butter, olive oil, shortening, anything you want, just so it is fat. You want no more than  a few tbs  of  added fat.   Then add about 3-4 tbs flour,  keep cooking and stirring til flour is lightly browned, reduce heat to med.  Then add about 2 cups water, constantly stirring.  When mixed with flour, add about 3 cups of whole milk.  reduce heat and simmer.  stir often.  once thickened, if too thick add more milk, if not thick enough continue to cook til it is.  Spoon over biscuts.

Gourmet French Toast

This looks more intimidating than it is.  Just bread and eggs.  Slice up some fruit, use what you like. I love berries so most of the time I use strawberries and raspberries or blackberries or whatever other berries I can get my hands on, depending on the season.  If you like peaches, mangoes, mandarin oranges, then go for it.  The sauce is  wicks pie filling and glaze.  You can get that in many flavors. I prefer the strawberry, but I know they have peach too.

Now for the french toast itself….. easy.  For every 4 pieces of bread, use two or three eggs, depending on the size of eggs and the size of bread.

I use texas toast or sliced french bread.  I also use regular sandwich bread.

3 extra large eggs beaten, about 3 tbs your favorite brand liquid flavored creamer.  use your imagination.  I use french vanilla most often.  however the cinnamon vanilla is really good.  Look at what is out there.  During the holidays, you can get some really good stuff.  Try the egg nog flavored creamer, or the ginger bread, or the white chocolate with raspberry……. well you get the idea.

Pre heat a skillet on medium heat and melt about 1 or 2 tbs real butter in the skillet.

place each piece of bread into egg mixture, covering the whole slice.  Give it a min to soak up some of the flavor and then put it immediately into a preheated skillet, (on med. heat) . When beginning to brown on the bottom, (about 3 min or so) turn over til slighly brown on both sides.

Place one piece on a plate and add fruit and glaze mix, then place the other piece of french toast on top.  sprinkle a little powdered sugar over it if desired.  I like a little french vanilla cool whip.


Hot and Sweet Breakfast for Two

How about breakfast?  These aren’t just scrambled eggs.  They are a very unique and wonderful omellette.   Before I tell you the ingredients, and you turn your nose up, keep an open mind and be adventurous!   I do not like pepperjack cheese or sweet potatoes.  But the combination of the two blended with the sweetness of the  maple sausage is to die for!!  Even my picky children ask for this one!

1/2 lb maple roll sausage cooked, 1/2 cup sweet potato pieces, cubed, and  about 4 oz pepperjack cheese cubed or diced.  you don’t want large pieces since you do want it to melt.  about 6 large or extra large eggs.

Beat the eggs til slightly frothy.  Melt 3 tbs butter in hot skillet, try not to get it so hot that it burns the butter. Pour beaten eggs into  hot buttered  skillet, heat should not be more than medium/low.  Evenly place diced cheese over all the eggs.   As it cooks add just to one half, (you are going to fold the other half over the top when done)  the precooked sausage, and the cubed sweet potatoes. Check the bottom periodically  to make sure the bottom isn’t browning too fast.  When the cheese is melted, fold the other half over the top.  Now don’t get upset if it looks more like scrambled eggs than an omellette.  It doesn’t really matter.